Office of Multicultural Services

New Americans bring a myriad of languages, cultures and skills that create a vibrant multicultural environment, but that often creates challenges in understanding the complexity of government programs. They must learn to communicate in English and understand values that sometimes conflict with their own.

Speaking 32 languages, this office connects immigrants and refugees to resources and services offered by the county and our community partners.

We also manage the Hennepin County cultural speakers' bureau which informs county workers about the ways culture affects the daily lives of our clients.

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Interpreter services in Hennepin County

For clients

All Hennepin County clients with Limited English Proficiency are eligible for free interpreter services. Ask a staff member for assistance.

For partners

Our business partners are able to use our contracted interpreter vendors at the same rate negotiated by Hennepin County.

Cultural speakers bureau

The Hennepin County cultural speakers bureau is a group of county employees who share their stories with other county staff members, to inform and enlighten them about the variety of cultures living in our communities.


Speakers are available for training sessions, panel discussions, and meetings on a variety of topics. Sessions can be tailored to meet the needs of specific departments and service areas.

Staff will

  • Gain a better understanding of clients and co-workers from other countries
  • Become sensitive to other cultures
  • Provide good customer service
  • Reduce cultural misunderstandings
  • Offer a welcoming work environment

Learn how cultures affect

  • Health care practices
  • Family roles
  • Elections and voting
  • Public assistance systems
  • Appropriate customer service
  • Care of vulnerable persons
  • Environmental awareness
  • Etiquette and good manners
  • Other issues important to your work

Join the speakers' bureau

Employees are welcome to share information about their cultures as volunteers with the cultural speakers bureau. Presentation training is provided in partnership with Human Services and Public Health staff development and Human Resources.


Email or call 612-596-7475.

Read more:

Hennepin County cultural speakers' bureau (PDF)

Limited English proficiency plan

The following documents serve as the plan for Hennepin County Health and Human Services Department to meet the legal obligation of language access requirements in compliance of Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964; 7 CFR 273 et seq.; and 42 CFR 435 et seq.

These documents also serve as a model to show Hennepin County’s commitment to provide meaningful access to all individuals accessing any of Hennepin County health and human services. At all times, in the past, the present, and the future, non-English speaking clients will not be turned away from the agency or County departments.

Limited English Proficiency Plan (DOC)

For more information, contact Limited English Proficiency Manager Jillian Kyles at 612-348-8547.

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