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The Twin Cities has experienced an increase in landslide activity over the past decade. The interactive map of landslides and atlas report can help guide landslide hazard avoidance, mitigation efforts, and emergency response planning.

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The atlas includes historical distribution, associated slope steepness, and triggers associated with landslides in the county. Copies of the atlas will soon be available at Hennepin County Libraries.

Landslide atlas cover, contributors, and table of contents (PDF, 4 pages)

Chapter 1: Abstract (PDF, 1 page)

Chapter 2: Legal Disclaimer and Distribution (PDF, 1 page)

Chapter 3: Introduction and Recent Events (PDF, 2 pages)

Chapter 4: Objectives (PDF, 1 page)

Chapter 5: Geologic Assessment Overview (PDF, 2 pages)

Chapter 6: Minnesota River Valley Landslides (PDF, 8 pages, 5MB)

Chapter 7: Mississippi River Gorge Landslides (PDF, 9 pages)

Chapter 8: Small Landslides (PDF, 4 pages)

Chapter 9: Weather and Climate Correlation (PDF, 4 pages)

Chapter 10: Hazard Assessment and Risk Analysis (PDF, 4 pages)

Chapter 11: Indications and Alerts (PDF, 4 pages)

Chapter 12: Landslide Reporting (PDF, 4 pages)

Chapter 13: Prevention and Mitigation Measures (PDF, 4 pages)

Chapter 14: Emergency Response (PDF, 4 pages)

Chapter 15: Recovery (PDF, 3 pages)

Chapter 16: References (PDF, 3 pages)

Chapter 17: General Geologic Maps – table of contents (PDF, 1 page)

Chapter 17, Figure 17-1: Bedrock Geology (PDF, 1 page, 6MB)

Chapter 17, Figure 17-2: Hydrology (PDF, 1 page, 6MB)

Chapter 17, Figure 17-3: Monitoring Stations (PDF, 1 page)

Chapter 17, Figure 17-4: Political Boundaries (PDF, 1 page)

Chapter 17, Figure 17-5: Surficial Geology (PDF, 1 page)

Chapter 17, Figure 17-6: Topography (PDF, 1 page)

Chapter 17, Figure 17-7: Roadway Weather Information Sites (PDF, 1 page, 5MB)

Chapter 18: Hennepin County Landslide Hazard Atlas (PDF, 4 pages)

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