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Election results

Hennepin County election results can be found on the Secretary of State’s election results page.

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Election results are not official until they have been reviewed and certified by the canvassing board.

The canvassing board must meet:

  • On the third day after a state primary or election held on another date, or
  • Between three and ten days after a November state general election

The canvassing board consists of:

  • The county auditor
  • The court administrator of the district court
  • The mayor of the most populous municipality
  • Two members of the county board selected by the board from members who are not candidates at the election

Any member of the canvassing board may appoint a designee of their choice to appear at any board meeting.

The canvassing board duties are limited to:

  • Review vote totals
  • Certify results
  • Declare nominees or winners

Election results for all contests and questions in Hennepin County are reported to the Secretary of State.

Results from local special elections not on a regularly scheduled election day are reported by that jurisdiction.

Vote totals from absentee results are combined with results from the election day polling places.

After the close of polls at 8 p.m. the results are combined and posted to the State Election Reporting System.

State law prohibits the release of polling place results until all absentee ballots for that precinct have been counted and combined with polling place totals.

Results reported on election night are unofficial and may be adjusted in the days following election day, prior to the canvassing board meeting.

Canvassing boards review and certify results.

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