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Minnetonka Boulevard reconstruction

County Road 5 in St. Louis Park

Hennepin County will reconstruct Minnetonka Boulevard (County Road 5) between Highway 100 and France Avenue in St. Louis Park.

Work is expected to begin in 2024.

project design timeline with completion for 2025
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Current design engagement opportunities

Upcoming- October 6 open house

Thursday, October 6, 4-7 p.m.
St. Louis Park Rec Center
3700 Monterey Drive

Give us your feedback

Based on the feedback we received in 2021, we identified two key roadway design options to explore further below:

Online input experience

Previous design outreach

2021 engagement summary

View engagement between May and November 2021.

2021 engagement summary (PDF)

Summer 2021

Project staff was available to receive feedback on the project and answer any questions when they attended

  • Skateapalooza on July 27
  • Parktacular on June 19

Purpose of project

Minnetonka Boulevard was last reconstructed in 1952 and is nearing the end of its useful life. We need to reconstruct the roadway because routine maintenance activities such as overlays and crackseals are no longer cost effective in preserving the road.

In addition, the current design poses challenges for people biking, walking, and rolling. The existing sidewalk facilities are located immediately adjacent to the road, which can be uncomfortable for people walking, and persons with limited mobility may experience issues because many intersections do not meet current Americans with Disabilities Act design requirements.

Residents also have noted safety concerns due to the existing four-lane undivided road design.

Additionally, the storm water system is not working properly, which puts a burden on local systems.

Read a project introduction document (PDF).

Proposed improvements

We are considering the following features when reconstructing Minnetonka Boulevard:

  • Lane reconfigurations, such as reducing lanes from 4 to 3 (one general traffic lane in each direction with a center turn lane) to better facilitate vehicle turns and provide traffic calming
  • Realignments, such as improving the transition for westbound users as they access Minnetonka Boulevard from West Lake Street
  • Improved first- and last-mile connections for people biking, walking and rolling to the Beltline Boulevard and West Lake Street light rail stations, which will be in close proximity to Minnetonka Boulevard
  • Enhancements for people walking and rolling, including curb extensions, raised medians and crossing beacons
  • Accommodations for people biking
  • Streetscape improvements

View the preferred concept (PDF)

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