Face coverings required
All visitors to county buildings are required to wear face coverings that cover both mouth and nose. Masks are available if needed. Click here for more info.

Rethink and reduce tips

Rethink your buying habits to reduce the waste you generate.

Before you buy

  • Evaluate if you need it. Consider the cost in time and money to maintain it. Think about what you’ll do with it when you’re done with it.
  • Consider buying used items. For retailers who sell used items, visit Choose to Reuse.
  • Rent or borrow items you don’t use often
  • Use up what you have. Check to see if you already have the product you want to purchase.


  • Buy good-quality, reusable, durable goods. Avoid trendy and disposable items.
  • Look for items with minimal or recyclable packaging. Purchase items in bulk and in concentrate.
  • Buy green. Look for credible labels. Be aware of some terms that may not mean anything, such as environmentally friendly, earth-friendly and natural.
  • Buy the right amount for your needs. Plan and measure before you buy. Purchase only what you can use before it expires.

After you buy

  • Take good care of your items to extend their life.
  • Repurpose your items. Find a creative new use for your old stuff.
  • Make use of your reusable items. Remember your shopping bags, water bottles, mugs, napkins, towels, and food containers to cut down on waste.­