Lawn, yard and garden equipment: electrical

Recommended disposal options


Lawn, yard and garden equipment that works may be given away, sold or donated to the Salvation Army.

Other disposal options


Electrical lawn, yard and garden equipment may be accepted by scrap metal recyclers if all non-metal pieces, tires and fluids are removed first.

Remove and recycle the battery. The non-metal pieces may be put in the garbage.

Hennepin County drop-off facilities

See restrictions and instructions below:

Drop-off facilities accept:


No charge.

Materials preparation

Remove non-metal parts first and put in garbage. Bring metal parts and battery only.

Remove all non-metal parts to recycle


Remove all non-metal parts before taking lawn, yard and garden equipment to a scrap metal recycler or county drop-off facility.

Is your equipment electrical?

Your lawn, yard and garden equipment is electrical if you plug it into an outlet while using it.


Sell it, give it away, donate it or repair it. Learn more reuse tips.

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