Recommended disposal options


Battery drop-off containers are available at some libraries, city halls, community centers and other sites throughout Hennepin County. Find battery recycling container locations.

Batteries accepted: alkaline, button, lithium ion (often found in laptops) and other rechargeable batteries. (NO lead acid batteries and other types of vehicle batteries in the battery recycling containers--for options, see Vehicle batteries.)

Call2Recycle lists additional drop-off sites for rechargeable batteries.

Minneapolis solid waste and recycling customers can recycle batteries by putting batteries in a clear plastic bag on top of your recycling cart on your recycling day.

Prepare your batteries: Place batteries in a clear plastic bag OR place clear tape on both the positive (+) and negative (-) terminals of batteries to prevent fires.

If you cannot remove the battery from the device, bring the entire device to a Hennepin County drop-off facility

Other disposal options

Hennepin County drop-off facilities

See restrictions and instructions below:

Drop-off facilities accept:

All types of batteries


No charge

Drop-off facilities do not accept:

No batteries used for business purposes, including home businesses, property managers, and government agencies.

Find business battery recycling options on p.1 of Hazardous Waste Disposal Companies (PDF).

Rethink and reduce tips

Buy rechargeable or long-lasting batteries.

Household hazardous waste

For information about storing and transporting batteries, see guidelines for household hazardous waste.

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