Cards: holiday and greeting

Recommended disposal options

Recycle paper cards and envelopes

Cards and envelopes made of paper only can be placed in curbside recycling.

Put cards with foil, glitter and ribbons in garbage

Cards printed on photo paper or cards with foil, glitter, ribbons etc. are not recyclable and should be put in the garbage.

Remove battery from musical cards and recycle

Remove and recycle the battery from musical cards, then recycle the paper in your recycling program at home. If you cannot remove the battery, bring it to a Hennepin County Drop-off Facility. Do not throw musical cards into the trash.

Other disposal options

Hennepin County drop-off facilities

See restrictions and instructions below:

Drop-off facilities accept:

Musical cards and paper cards


No charge

Reduce and reuse tip

Cards can be reused and made into new cards, ornaments or gift tags.