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Take the Stop Food Waste Challenge

August 1 through August 31

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We love food, which leaves us wondering: why do we let so much of it go to waste? About 40% of food is wasted somewhere along the supply chain, and you may be surprised to learn that much of that food waste happens at home.

By taking the Stop Food Waste Challenge and committing to actions that reduce food waste, we can save money, fight climate change, provide for our families, and improve our cooking skills.

Improve your food-waste-fighting skills with the Stop Food Waste Challenge

Learning skills like creating a meal plan, buying just what you need at the grocery store, cooking creatively, and properly storing food can have a big impact on reducing the amount of food in your home that goes to waste.

How the challenge works

Create your profile, join or start a team, then browse the categories and actions. Select up to five one-time actions and five daily actions to make progress on during the four-week challenge. It’s recommended that everyone starts with tracking their food waste for one week – it’s the best way to learn what’s going to waste in your household and identify ways to prevent it. The challenge goes from August 1 through August 31. Join the challenge now.