Hennepin 5K

The Hennepin 5K was inspired in 2012 by five employees who wanted to help each other achieve goals toward better health. Today the event is held across ten county locations for hundreds of Hennepin County employees, family members and friends.

The 2019 Hennepin 5K took place on Thursday, June 20. See you in 2020!

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Event information


  • Check back in January for information on the 2020 Hennepin 5K.

Event details

Start times

Check back in early spring for details on participating locations and start times.

Before the event

  • Packets can be picked up at your location during the designated check-in time. Check-in details will be emailed to you prior to the event. If you do not plan to participate, please do not pick up your event packet.
  • The Hennepin 5K will only be canceled in the event of lightning, and it is up to each site to make the determination. Due to the effort and resources needed to make this event successful, we will not have a secondary date planned.

Distance and routes

  • A 5K equals 3.1 miles. Currently, there is not an option for a shorter distance as part of the event.
  • Routes are not certified. We use Map My Run, GIS, stridometers and other means to measure the routes.

During the event

  • You can use headphones, but please be aware of your surroundings as you may be crossing streets, depending on your location.
  • You can run, walk, skip, hop, jump, roll...whatever you need to do to complete the 5K. Note: biking is not allowed.
  • The event is not timed, but feel free to time yourself.


  • There will be snacks available at the end of each 5K route. To keep this event as environmentally-friendly as possible, bottles of water will only be available in case of emergency. We recommend bringing a reusable water bottle.
  • Unless you are an employee at the 701 Building, showers are not available for use.

Participate on personal time

  • By registering for the event, you agree to the county’s waiver of liability and indemnity, which states you are voluntarily participating in the activity on your own personal time.

After the event

  • Trophies will be awarded to the human service center, satellite and line of business with the highest percent participation. In addition, a best-dresses trophy will be awarded to the most creative event attire.
  • Document your participation in your Virgin Pulse account to receive 500 wellness points.

Government Center – outdoor course

  • The outdoor route will be marked on the ground with arrows. We are unable to mark the route with signs or balloons.
  • The planning team is currently looking for volunteers to help on the route. Learn more about volunteering in the drawer below.
  • The route will start and end at the Government Center. If you have additional route ideas, please contact us at healthworks@hennepin.us. If you are concerned about traffic, please consider the skyway route.

Government Center – skyway course

  • Due to security issues, participants are prohibited from running in the skyway.
  • The route is wheelchair and stroller accessible, however, there are two escalators on the route with elevators nearby. The walk leader can direct to you the elevator. Elevators are also marked on the 5K skyway map.
  • We are unable to post signage in the skyway to mark the 5k route and are looking for volunteers to lead the skyway walk. Learn more about volunteering in the drawer below.

Other sites

Questions? Contact the site coordinator:

  • County Home School (CHS employees only at this site): Cindy Herbst
  • North HSC: Raquel Medina-Perez
  • Northwest HSC: Debra Martinez
  • Powderhorn: Julia Morgan
  • Public Works – Medina: James Kampa
  • Sabathani: Neng Vang
  • South Minneapolis HSC: Anietie Ekpo-Umoeka
  • South Suburban HSC: Kerry Walsh
  • West HSC: Jen Anderson


  • Be a part of the conversation before, during and after by using #Hennepin5k on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. The pound sign, or hash, before a word or phrase allows that word or phrase to be searchable on social media. Using #Hennepin5k will allow you to share photos and encouragement with others, as well as find other people who are posting about the 5k!

Wellness points

  • The Hennepin 5K qualifies for 500 wellness points.
  • After the event, you must document your participation in your Virgin Pulse. Once you document your participation, you will see your points reflected on your Virgin Pulse Rewards page. You can earn 500 points for the Hennepin 5K, one time per year.
  • If you have questions, email healthworks@hennepin.us.

Training resources

  • Online programs available through Virgin Pulse can help you train for the 5K.
  • Reach out to a wellness champion near you who is interested in walking or running.    


Volunteer descriptions

Route leads – Government Center indoor and outdoor

  • Assist in organizing participants at the start location
  • Run / walk the route and provide guidance and assistance when necessary

Route tails – Government Center indoor and outdoor

  • Assist in organizing participants at the start location
  • Be the endmost participant on the route to ensure no one gets left behind

On-route guides – Government Center outdoor

  • Be stationed at one of the route turns and guide participants in the correct direction
  • Cheer on the participants!

Volunteers are asked to wear a safety vest. Other volunteer opportunities are available.

Hennepin County volunteers

  • If you are interested in volunteering, contact Kali Aro at 612-348-3118 or kali.aro@hennepin.us.
  • If you complete the 5K on your own time or as part of your volunteer experience, you will earn wellness points. Be sure to register for the event to get your Hennepin 5k t-shirt.
  • You can also use RedBrick Track to track your volunteering and other activities.

City of Minneapolis volunteers

  • If you are interested in volunteering, contact Amy Friedman at 612-673-2592 or amy.friedman@minneapolismn.gov.
  • You can use this experience to earn Minneapolis wellness program points for volunteering. Contact Amy for details on how to redeem your points.
  • Be sure to register for the event to get your Hennepin 5k t-shirt.
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