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Mx. founder taps Elevate for ‘everything’ to start their business

When launching their business, LJ Bauermeister did a lot of learning on the fly, then found Elevate Hennepin and a team of trusted, professional advisors.

LJ Bauermeister always wanted to create something or start a business, but when they were working toward founding Mx., a gender-neutral clothing line, custom clothier, and events business, there was a lot of learning on the fly.

“I literally just Googled everything and watched TikToks of different small businesses and entrepreneurs,” said Bauermeister.

They learned trademarks, how to register an LLC, and set up business checking for Mx. All the essential boxes were checked, but like so many entrepreneurs, it was a very solo effort. That was until Bauermeister got connected with Elevate HennepinSM and tapped into a free membership from The Coven, something every Elevate user can access at no cost.

Soon after plugging in, Bauermeister said they connected with leaders at The Coven and its the vast network of members.

“You would never be able to have that access like that otherwise,” said Bauermeister.

They also booked an event at membership pricing, something they said was incredibly valuable as a new business. But that was just the start, Bauermeister said they went on a shopping spree, collecting all manner of advisors from the resource hub at

“I was like, ‘Oh, yep, I also need that, I guess I need this, this, and this.’ I needed like everything, actually,” said Bauermeister.

They worked with NewPublica to build an entire marketing strategy. They worked with Kathy Pyle at Clear Talk Accounting to make sure all the spreadsheets and accounts were set up right. And they worked with Davis Law Office to complete trademarks to protect the intellectual property in Mx. and preparing to hire their first employee. Finally, they worked with MCCD Open to Business to do some strategic business planning and cashflow projections.

Bauermeister said as good as Google and TikTok are, it’s incredible to have trusted, professional advisors and consultants to build a solid foundation for growth. And as the business grows, they’re equipped with a massive back-office support team, all made possible by Hennepin County.

“I've got it all in my back pocket, right?” said Bauermeister. “So, if I’m running into hurdles or challenges, I'll definitely reach out. I think that it's a really good support network.”

To tap into the same back-office as Bauermeister, visit and get started with an advisor or connect with a Hennepin County business navigator to see how Elevate Hennepin resources can empower you to build a strong foundation or tackle business challenges.