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Hennepin County disparity reduction

Responding to racial inequities in our region

Our shared priority: ensure all Hennepin County residents thrive

Since 2013, Hennepin County has put an emphasis on disparity reduction in all our communities as we acknowledge that racial disparities exist.

We continue working across the organization and with community partners to go broader and deeper with our efforts.

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How we're making progress

Find out how we're reducing disparities in Hennepin County.
Student doing homework

Education success in a year unlike any other

Coordinating support so students get the help they need

Trainee learning on-the-job skills

Productive Day was a 'life-changing experience'

Construction training program provides employable skills for residents on probation or parole

Community member receiving COVID-19 immunization

Bringing vaccination to community

Working with dozens of community partners to administer the COVID-19 vaccine

State leaders celebrating in front of the C-line

Moving forward on the Northside

Partnering to maximize community and economic benefits of Bus Rapid Transit

Cell phone displaying rent assistance program

Rent assistance gives help, hope to thousands

Maximizing impact for the most vulnerable county residents

Your library. Free for you.

Hennepin County Library goes fine-free

Removing late fines makes the public library accessible to more residents

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Data and updates about disparity reduction

Our response to disparities

We see disparities every day in the places our critical support services serve people who are not faring well. We have an obligation to work toward eliminating disparities by whatever means we have.