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Monitoring for extreme weather in a changing climate

Hennepin County Mesonet station with storm in background

A changing climate in Hennepin County means an increase in extreme weather events, including more rainfall, humidity, and snow and ice storms. All of these potentially pose a risk to Hennepin County residents.

Hennepin County is committed to ensuring we have the information necessary to adapt to a changing climate. Expanding and maintaining the Hennepin West Mesonet is one way we can do that.

Measuring local weather conditions

A mesonet is a system of automated weather monitoring stations used to measure local weather conditions, which can differ greatly from the region as a whole. This improves weather forecasting, helps in making informed decisions about the weather conditions, and increases our understanding of Hennepin County’s climate.

The Hennepin West Mesonet monitors the following weather conditions:

  • Barometric pressure
  • Freezing rain
  • Lightning strikes and threat
  • Present weather conditions
  • Rainfall
  • Solar radiation
  • Soil moisture, temperature, permittivity, and conductivity
  • Snow depth
  • Snow-water equivalent
  • Temperature and relative humidity
  • Visibility
  • Wet-bulb globe temperature
  • Wind speed and direction

Improving extreme weather response

Up-to-date and localized information means that Hennepin County Emergency Management can act more quickly to warn residents using outdoor warning sirens. They can also better support cities overwhelmed by a natural disaster.

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