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Improving biking in Hennepin County

Woman biking on a designated bikeway in downtown Minneapolis

About one-third of greenhouse gas emissions in Hennepin County comes from transportation. Reducing vehicle miles traveled, which is a measure of all the miles driven by all the cars and trucks on all the roadways in a region, is critical to meeting our greenhouse gas emission reduction goals.

While some car trips can be eliminated entirely, many require providing an alternative way to get from point A to B. For many trips, that can be by bike.

Biking in Hennepin County

About 2.5 percent of all trips in Hennepin County are by bike, which is more than double the national average. Hennepin County is committed to creating a biking environment that meets the needs of all residents, including those who bike now and those who will bike in the future.

There are about 800 miles of bike lanes and facilities in Hennepin County. We’re working to increase that number by adding bike lanes or multi-use paths through reconstruction, repaving or standalone projects.

Our goal to increase bike infrastructure

In fact, a goal of our 2040 Bicycle Transportation Plan is to add 20 miles of bike facilities every year and ensure that 90% of homes are within a half mile of a bikeway. Other improvements need to be made to ensure people feel safe, that access is equitable, and that the work is done sustainably.

Recent bike projects

Our recently finished and current bike projects include:


  • Closing a network gap over the Highway 62 freeway barrier with the Portland Avenue bicycle and pedestrian link
  • Extending the Crystal Lake Regional Trail along Bottineau Boulevard
  • Adding shared paths along Brooklyn Boulevard
  • Enhancing seven street level Midtown Greenway trail crossings

Ongoing and upcoming

Learn more about Hennepin County’s commitment to biking and view upcoming projects here.