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Retailer spotlight: The Vintage Loft

Owner of Vintage Loft

When the COVID-19 shutdown hit last spring, Mary Deschamps, owner of The Vintage Loft in Excelsior, sprang into action. To keep the business afloat, she tried new things such as live shopping experiences on Facebook, private shopping appointments and furniture delivery. “We just kept going. We were not going to allow COVID to stop us -- or me,” Deschamps says.

In addition to selling repurposed vintage furnishings and locally made goods, The Vintage Loft offers custom furniture painting, reupholstery of vintage furniture, design consultation and home staging services. While reupholstering vintage pieces is time-consuming, Deschamps says the pieces become transformed and turn out beautifully. “It’s rewarding. You get a review or message, ‘I have it in my house and it looks awesome.’ We work hard on these pieces.”

The store’s mission statement focuses on keeping furniture out of landfills, encouraging the reuse of items and minimizing their disposal. “If the bones are good, you just give that sucker some love, it’ll be a beauty,” Deschamps asserts. “It can be used for many decades.” Hearing about Grandma’s unwanted pieces in perfect condition being tossed out or burned in fire pits causes Deschamps great distress. “If they’ve had a piece of furniture that is solid wood, instead of getting rid of it, consider giving it a facelift with some painting. You will be surprised at how different it looks, and you can enjoy it another 20 years.” When customers take her advice, they’re happy and excited with the results. “It’s a piece no one else has, and it’s so unique,” she says.  

Deschamps updates the shop’s website daily. “I love doing what I do, I’m passionate about it. I look forward to being at the shop every day, and I’m constantly thinking of new ideas. I have to write things down because my brain is always exploding with ideas.”

Store display of plants, decor, and a dresser

Pre-COVID, in-store events offered special discounts and giveaways. Deschamps is planning to offer online classes or workshops for small groups at the store, covering topics such as how to paint furniture, how to distress it or give it an aged look, as well as waxing techniques.

A part of Hennepin County’s Choose to Reuse program, Join the Circle encourages residents to buy used goods rather than new – not only to reduce waste and preserve natural resources, but to save money. By joining the circle, residents receive useful tips, as well as exclusive benefits at participating retailers. You can learn more and Join the Circle today at

Now that warm weather has arrived – and with it, the desire to clean and declutter – this a great time to get serious about donating usable goods that are taking up space in your overcrowded home.