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Our mission

To help protect the environment by encouraging residents to reduce waste by buying used items instead of new, and by keeping usable things out of the trash through donations, rental, repair, and repurposing.

The future isn't disposable

When you buy new, the price tag doesn't reflect all that's needed to produce, package, transport and eventually dispose of your purchases. So, buy used. It's a powerful strategy to preserve our natural resources, while saving you money at the register.

How can you help? A simple way to start is by changing the way you think about shopping. That means buying used whenever possible and donating or selling unneeded usable goods instead of throwing them out. It also means renting and sharing items that are only used occasionally and repairing broken ones when possible.

Give it a try. You'll discover that shopping reuse isn't just easier on your wallet, it's a lot gentler on the planet.

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Hennepin County encourages residents to support local reuse, rental, and repair retailers through the Choose to Reuse program. The choices residents make in the stuff they buy and where they shop can help protect the environment and support the local economy.

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