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Waste less, live better.

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No matter what the price tag says, buying new is never a bargain.

The future isn't disposable

When you buy new, the price tag doesn't reflect all that's needed to produce, package, transport and eventually dispose of your purchases. So, buy used. It's a powerful strategy to preserve our natural resources, while saving you money at the register.

How can you help? A simple way to start is by changing the way you think about shopping. Join the Circle of people who strive to get full use out of everyday goods that are already in circulation.

That means buying used whenever possible and donating or selling unneeded usable goods instead of throwing them out. It also means renting and sharing items that are only used occasionally and repairing broken ones when possible. Give it a try. You'll discover that shopping reuse isn't just easier on your wallet, it's a lot gentler on the planet.

The real cost

Take a moment to consider what everyday items really cost when you buy new.

Americans purchase an average of 64 garments per person a year, with 80% ending up in the trash.1

85% of cellphones' environmental impact comes from manufacturing them.2

We cut down 20 million trees a year to produce new books.3

Manufacturing furniture generates 100 times the greenhouse gases as refinishing does.4

Making new hardwood flooring requires nine times the energy as recovered wood products.5

The goal: zero waste to landfills by 2030

Trash not only pollutes the environment, it's a waste of our natural resources.

That's why Hennepin County has resolved to send zero waste to landfills by 2030. And that's why Hennepin County's Choose to Reuse team invites you to "Join the Circle" of like-minded people—consumers and businesses, individuals and organizations—who want to make a real difference for our community, and our planet.

How can you cut waste, and cut your spending at the same time? By buying used and taking other steps to keeping everyday items in a circle of reuse. After all, what stays in the circle, stays out of the trash.

Make a pledge and Join the Circle

What's "Join the Circle"? It's a movement, a community, and an invitation to cut waste, save money—and do right by the planet.

Join today and pledge to buy used. You'll play an important role in saving our valuable resources—and your participation will help others to Join the Circle as well. Plus, members receive these great perks:

  • A discount from member resale retailers
  • Exclusive previews for sale events
  • Valuable waste reduction tips sent right to your inbox
  • Monthly notice of shopper events
  • Membership in a passionate and growing community of people like yourself

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