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Retailer spotlight: Device Pitstop

Device Pitstop is a retail store that buys, sells, trades, repairs and upgrades used computers, tablets and cell phones. 

BradBrad Swenson, owner of the Maple Grove store for six years, says he is passionate about customer service, and empowers his staff to do whatever it takes to make the customer happy. “What can we do to make your day better?” is the standard customer greeting, according to Swenson. “Our retail store gives us the opportunity to meet new customers, and tell them about reuse,” he says.

“You look at the carbon that’s required to create a laptop, it leaves a footprint,” Swenson explains. “When you buy used, it’s close to zero outside of the energy needed to run the laptop. You’ve eliminated a big chunk of the carbon footprint, instead of buying new.”

The store offers free electronics recycling. Technicians harvest parts such as precious metals, MacBook screens, RAM and newer hard drives, as well as certain parts on cell phones, for reuse or resale.

Storefront of Device Pitstop at night

Prioritizing repair and reuse, Swenson says, “we’re incenting people to bring devices in. If the market will pay for it, we’ll give people cash. Even a laptop that might be six to seven years old would still have some value.” The store stocks a wide variety of computers, with Windows laptops as low as $99. As for MacBooks, Swenson says, “we’ll sell them seven, eight, nine years old -- from how they’re manufactured, they last a long time.”

A part of Hennepin County’s Choose to Reuse program, Join the Circle encourages residents to buy used goods rather than new – not only to reduce waste and preserve natural resources, but to save money. By joining the circle, residents receive useful tips, as well as exclusive benefits at participating retailers. You can learn more and Join the Circle today at

Now that warm weather has arrived – and with it, the desire to clean and declutter – this a great time to get serious about donating usable goods that are taking up space in your overcrowded home.