Road maintenance projects

Each year, the county completes maintenance work to keep the road surface in good repair, to extend the life of the pavement and take care of roadway assets. General overviews and a list paving projects and other active maintenance are listed below.

You are encouraged to check back regularly to get the most accurate list of upcoming projects. Larger scale active projects, as well as the county's reconstruction and reconditioning projects, are also posted on the county's interactive transportation map.

Crews also may be working alongside the road throughout the year on activities like signal painting, guardrail repairs and signal improvements.

We thank county residents for their patience during the construction season and for being safe around work zones and crew members.

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Paving (mill and overlay) projects

These are internally referred to as mill and overlay projects. The county monitors the pavement condition on county roads and creates an annual list of projects best suited for repaving.

Each year, the county completes approximately 140 lane miles of repaving. These projects are substantially shorter than a full reconstruction of a road, typically lasting only a few days to a couple of weeks, and do not require closures or detours.

Due to the nature of this work and the weather, the exact starts and finishes of these projects can vary. Message boards will be placed at these locations about one week prior to the start of our work.


  • West Old Shakopee Road (County Road 1) - from Brunswick Road to Toledo Curve
  • West Old Shakopee Road (County Road 1) - from Drew Avenue to Morgan Avenue


  • Bass Lake Road (County Road 10) – from Rebecca Park Trail (County Road 50) to Fletcher Lane (County Road 116)
  • Fletcher Lane (County Road 116) - from 75th Avenue to Bass Lake Road (County Road 10)


  • France Avenue (County Road 17) - from Highway 62 Bridge to 51st Street


  • Smithtown Road/Oak Street (County Road 19) - from Water Street to Echo Road

Golden Valley

  • Glenwood Avenue (County Road 40) - from Highway 55 to the bridge over Highway 100


  • County Road 90 - from Watertown Road (County Road 6) to County Road 12


  • Dogwood Street (County Road 92) - from County Road 11 to Rebecca Park Trail (County Road 50)

Maple Grove

  • Elm Creek Boulevard (County Road 130) - from Grove Drive to Hemlock Lane


  • Arrowhead Drive (County Road 118) - from Pinto Drive (County Road 115) to Prairie Drive


  • Stinson Boulevard (County Road 27) - from Broadway Street (County Road 66) to New Brighton Boulevard
  • Cedar Avenue (County Road 152) - from Franklin Avenue (County Road 5) to 24th Street
  • Franklin Avenue (County Road 5) - from 16th Avenue to 21st Avenue, including the intersections with Cedar Avenue (County Road 152) and Minnehaha avenues
  • Glenwood Avenue (County Road 40) - from Inglewood Avenue to Aldrich Avenue


  • Minnetonka Boulevard (County Road 5) - from Larchwood Drive to loop at southbound Interstate 494
  • Hopkins Crossroad (County Road 73) - from bridge over I-394 to Oberlin Road


  • County Road 110 - from County Road 92 to County Road 110


  • Commerce Boulevard (County Road 110) - from Sunnybrook Circle to Watertown Road (County Road 6)

Orono/ Wayzata

  • Shoreline Drive (County Road 15) - from bridge over Arcola Channel to Hillside Drive


  • Northwest Boulevard (County Road 61) - from Highway 55 to bridge over Canadian Pacific Rail
  • Northwest Boulevard (County Road 61) - from bridge over Canadian Pacific Rail to Bass Lake Road (County Road 10) 
  • Rockford Road (County Road 9) - from Plymouth Road/Northwest Boulevard (County Road 61) to Zachary Lane


  • 141st Avenue (County Road 144) - from County Road 116 to bridge over I-94

St. Anthony

  • New Brighton Boulevard (County Road 88) - from 29th Avenue to northern Hennepin County border

Pavement sealing (cracksealing)

Cracks in the road in previously identified and scheduled areas are routed and sealed. These projects take place on the road, so they can look like big projects. They typically last only a few days, and do not require road closures or detours. All work is performed alongside traffic.


  • Xerxes Avenue South (County Road 31) from 66th Street West (County Road 53) to the culvert over Minnehaha Creek


  • Watertown Road (County Road 6) from West County Line to Townline Road
  • County Road 11 from West County Line to Bayside Road (County Road 19)

Maple Grove

  • County Road 81 from 1st Street North west to 93rd Avenue North (County Road 30)
  • 93rd Avenue North (County Road 30) from the bridge over Elm Creek to County Road 81 and from County Road 81 to 6th Avenue Northeast


  • Lake Street (County Road 3) from 21st Avenue South to Center of bridge at Highway 55
  • Hennepin Avenue (County Road 52) from the bridge over Interstate 35W to Taft Street Northeast


  • Medina Road (County Road 24) from Holy Name Drive to Shadyview Lane

St. Louis Park

  • Excelsior Boulevard (County Road 3) from Highway 100 to Monterey Avenue/West 38th Street

Pedestrian ramps

Starting in April 2017, Hennepin County will replace and upgrade the sidewalks listed below. This project is part of the county’s ADA Sidewalk Accessibility Plan. These projects typically take about a week to complete.

If you have questions about any of these projects, contact Zachary Rothstein at (612) 596-0410.


  • Old Shakopee Road (County Road 1) at Bush Lake Road (Couny Road 28) intersection
  • Penn Avenue South (County Road 32) at Jones Place intersection, at Ivy Lane intersection, and at Maple Avenue South intersection


  • Park Avenue (County Road 33) at East 45th Street intersection, East 44th Street intersection, East 43rd Street intersection, East 41st Street intersection, East 39th Street intersection, and East 37th Street intersection
  • Webber Parkway (County Road 152) at North Dupont Avenue intersection


  • Central Avenue (County Road 101) at Wayzata Boulevard intersection
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