Contracting with Hennepin County

Hennepin County has several areas of contracting. Each area has a unique process for introducing or registering your business for opportunities, submitting proposals or bids, and other procedures for contracting.

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Goods and biddable services

Sealed bids for goods (such as office equipment, uniforms and furniture) and biddable services (such as electrical or janitorial services) are listed with current contract opportunities. Find current contract opportunities.

To be added to the county bid list for goods and services contracts, complete a vendor application. Vendors are not required to register to bid on goods and services contracts. Download the vendor application (PDF).

Bidders are responsible for reviewing the complete bid package to determine if they meet contract requirements.

Goods and services bid packages include:

Any changes to a bid invitation will be issued in an addendum posted with the bid document. Preliminary bid results will be posted with the bid posting after bid opening. Contracts will be awarded to the lowest, responsive and responsible bidder as confirmed by due diligence conducted by the county.

Sign up for notifications of contract opportunities in goods and biddable services. Sign up for contract notifications.

Professional services

Professional services being solicited include architectural, engineering, medical, accounting, auditing, legal, real estate, and consulting work.

Methods of solicitation include:

  • Requests for Proposals (RFP)
  • Requests for Qualifications (RFQ)
  • Requests for Information (RFI)
  • Solicitations of Interest (SOI)

Solicitations are posted with current contract opportunities. View current contract opportunities.

There is no vendor application or registration process required.

Professional services vendors are responsible for reviewing the complete RFP, RFQ, RFI or SOI package to determine the requirements for submitting a response and the requirements of the services being requested. Any changes to solicitations will be issued in an addendum with the solicitation. Responses to solicitations must be submitted as instructed in the solicitation document.

Responses will be evaluated as described in the solicitation document. Results of the solicitations are nonpublic information until a contract, if any, has been executed.

Professional services vendors can introduce their business to individual county departments related to the services they provide.

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Road and bridge construction

Bid information for county road and bridge construction projects is posted on eGram. Vendors who register through ConneX MN may log into eGram to become registered plan holders. Registered plan holders will be automatically notified of any changes to the project by email.

Preliminary bid results will be posted on eGram after bid opening. The project bid abstract will be posted on eGram after the contract has been awarded.

Road and bridge construction businesses can introduce themselves to the Transportation Department at 612-596-0373.

Sign up for notifications of contract opportunities in road and bridge construction. Sign up for bid notifications.

Facility construction

The county advertises facility construction projects with current contract opportunities. Find contract opportunities.

There is no vendor application or registration process required.

There are two types of solicitations that may be posted online—sealed bids or best value requests for proposals.

Postings for both types of solicitations will provide instructions for how to obtain project documents. For some projects, there might be a cost for obtaining project documents.

Businesses providing facility construction work or services can introduce themselves to the Property Services Department at 612-596-6949.

Sign up for notifications of contract opportunities in facility construction. Sign up for contract notifications.

Diversity in Hennepin County contracting

Affirmative Action Program

Non-construction contracts

Affirmative action requirements go into effect for contractors with one or more non-construction contracts totaling over $100,000 and who have over 30 employees. Contractors must either submit evidence (a letter or certificate of compliance) of an approved affirmative action plan from another government jurisdiction or develop an affirmative action plan and keep it on file at the contractor’s facility. Contractors with an affirmative action plan must also submit a workforce analysis form to Purchasing and Contract Services.

Construction contracts

Hennepin County requires contractors with a construction contract over $100,000 to submit a completed construction affirmative action plan for approval prior to contract award. Certain road and bridge construction projects, because of funding sources, have State of Minnesota Disadvantaged Business Enterprise requirements instead of Hennepin County Affirmative Action and Small Business requirements.

Small Business Enterprise program

Small Business Enterprise (SBE) goals might apply for contracts exceeding $100,000, based on the opportunity for subcontracting and small business availability to work on the project. For contracts that include an SBE goal, contractors must meet the goal or demonstrate, through written documents, that they made a good faith effort to meet the goal.

Certified small businesses

Only the use of small businesses that are certified as small business enterprises (SBEs) count towards the SBE goal. With a single application, small businesses can become certified in Hennepin County, City of St. Paul and Ramsey County and get business assistance information. Contractors can register with the CERT Program to obtain a directory of certified SBEs.

Call 651-266-8900 or visit the CERT Program website.

Workforce Entry Program

The Workforce Entry Program requires successful bidders to either hire a specific number (based on the project) of graduates of local job training programs or demonstrate they've made good faith efforts to do so. Contractors hire the job training program graduates as apprentices, who gain valuable skill and knowledge working on county projects. Apprentices must not have completed an apprenticeship training course that leads to journeyman status or have been employed as a journeyman. The county provides a list of approved job training programs.

Workplace safety

The county requires contract vendors to complete one or more of these forms before starting applicable work:

* Bidders should be aware of the pre-demolition rule of the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency. View the MPCA rule.


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