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Homeless to housing: Personalized, housing-focused support

In just two years, the Homeless to Housing program—Hennepin County’s flagship homeless support program—has successfully transitioned more than 500 people into permanent housing. Almost all of them (96%) have stayed in that housing.

The program is different from others because of the emphasis it places on a human-to-human connection, on trusted relationships. Experienced case workers get to know the people they’re working with—their specific needs, barriers, history, and hopes for their future home. They meet them where they’re at, personalizing support and ensuring that if there’s an opportunity for that person to be housed, they will find it.

In the video above, we follow the story of Larry Houston, a veteran experiencing homelessness, and Jeanetta Lindo, a Hennepin County caseworker. Trust was key as they worked to help Larry find and keep an apartment of his own.

women and man sitting on a couch 

Larry Houston and Jeanetta Lindo have worked together to find Larry a permanent, stable home

“The secret sauce for Homeless to Housing to work so successfully is that we have people that care,” said Jeanetta. “We have people [working] in different populations that really are out here to make sure that there is no one homeless.”

Learn more about the program in the video above and on the Homeless to Housing program webpage.