Tanks and cylinders: larger-than-one-pound gas cylinders

Recommended disposal options


Gas cylinders larger than one pound in size should be recycled, including helium, propane, oxygen, acetylene and MAPP tanks.

Call the retailer where you purchased your gas tank to ask about take back and recycling options, or contact one of the following businesses that offers tank recycling:

Lakes Gas Co.
Minneapolis, 612-529-9276

Hazardous materials precautions

Do not throw tanks or cylinders in the trash, and do not attempt to puncture the cylinder.

Because gas cylinders and tanks contain a compressed gas, if they are thrown in the trash they can explode and cause injury to solid waste workers. Although a tank may seem empty, a small amount of explosive gas remains even when it no longer supports a flame. 

20-pound tank

20 pound propane tank

Recycle gas cylinders like the 20-lb propane tanks you use in gas grills.