Pizza boxes

Recommended disposal options

Contact your city or waste hauler

Check with your waste hauler or city recycling program if they accept for recycling clean delivery pizza boxes, or sections of the boxes that are free of oil, grease or food.

Delivery pizza boxes that are greasy or food soiled could be placed in curbside organics.

See a listing of cities where curbside organics recycling is offered in parts or all of the cities.

Frozen pizza boxes are NOT recyclable and should be put in garbage.

Put in garbage

Pizza boxes may be put in garbage.

Other disposal options

Hennepin County drop-off facilities

See restrictions and instructions below:

Drop-off facilities accept:

Organics, including delivery pizza boxes


No charge

Drop-off limit

No more than five bags of organics per person per day accepted. Events using Hennepin County's portable event recycling containers can arrange to drop off more than five bags.

Materials preparation

Organics must be in closed, BPI-certified compostable plastic bags. Look for the BPI Compostable logo. Food soiled delivery pizza boxes do not need to be bagged.