Recommended disposal options

Hennepin County drop-off facilities

See restrictions and instructions below:

Drop-off facilities accept:

Mercury and items that contain mercury, including some skin-lightening creams, antique clocks, vintage chemistry sets, mercury maze games, electric relays and parad beads, thermometers, thermostats, tip-up lights, and fluorescent light bulbs.


No charge

Materials preparation

Transport items that contain mercury in original packaging when possible or cushion in blankets, towels or newspapers to prevent breakage. If the item is broken, follow the instructions on the MPCA factsheet Cleaning up Spilled Mercury in the Home and bring broken item and clean up materials in a closed bag to the drop-off facilities.

Related items

See disposal options and guidelines for:

Cleaning up spilled mercury

Mercury is hazardous neurotoxin and can be harmful to humans and animals.

For spilled mercury, follow the directions in the MPCA factsheet Cleaning up Spilled Mercury in the Home or call the Minnesota Duty Officer at 1-800-422-0798.