Face coverings required
All visitors to county buildings are required to wear face coverings that cover both mouth and nose. Masks are available if needed. Click here for more info.


Recommended disposal options

Bring to a medicine drop box

Medicines should be brought to a medicine drop box for safe and proper disposal.

Find medicine drop box location and hours.

All types of medicines, including prescription medicines, controlled substances, over-the-counter medicines, vitamins and supplements, and pet medicines are accepted.

Medicines are accepted in all forms, including aerosols, blister packs, capsules, creams, gels, inhalers, liquids, patches, pills, powders, and
un-used epi-pens.

Special consideration: EpiPens, Needles and Sharps

Disposal options for EpiPens differ, depending on whether they've been used or not.

EpiPen, un-used: Medicine. If there is still medicine in your EpiPen, you should take it to a medicine drop box. If it's an empty EpiPen, you should take it to a Hennepin County Drop-off Facility.

EpiPen, used: Needles and Sharps. Check with your healthcare provider or mail-back programs for options. Hennepin County accepts used EpiPens at its drop-off facilities.

Needles and Sharps. Check with your healthcare provider to see if they collect sharps for disposal. Destroy your sharps at home by purchasing a destruction unit or consider a mail-in program. Hennepin County accepts used needles and sharps at its drop-off facilities.

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