DVDs, CDs and Blu-ray discs

Recommended disposal options

Give away, sell or donate

DVDs and CDs in good condition can be given away, sold or donated to Arc’s Value Village or the Salvation Army.

See other movies & music donation opportunities on the Choose to Reuse website.

Plastic and jewel cases can be given away or put it in the garbage. They are NOT accepted at Hennepin County Drop-Off Facilities.

Other disposal options


Check with the retailer you bought the DVD, CD or Blu-Ray disc from to see if they are accepted.

Hennepin County drop-off facilities

See restrictions and instructions below:

Drop-off facilities accept:

DVDs, CDs and Blu-ray discs


No charge

Materials preparation

Remove DVDs and CDs from plastic and jewel cases. Hennepin County does not accept plastic and jewel cases—they can be given away or put in the garbage.


Sell it, give it away, donate it or repair it. Learn more reuse tips.

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