Recommended disposal options

Use it up

Household cleaners should be used up. Do not put in the trash.

Other disposal options

Hennepin County drop-off facilities

See restrictions and instructions below:

Drop-off facilities accept:

Cleaners with the words "caution," "warning," "danger" or "poison" on the label, including drain cleaner, oven cleaner and toilet bowl cleaner


No charge

Materials preparation

Containers must be five gallons or less in size and labeled with the contents.

Safety first: Do NOT mix with other solutions/chemicals. Keep in original container if possible. Transport in a container with a lid to prevent spills.

Drop-off facilities do not accept:

No cleaning products used for business purposes, including home businesses and property managers.

Empty cleaning-product containers: Put in the garbage

Empty cleaning-product containers are NOT recyclable. They should go into the garbage.

Reduce and reuse

For tips see the How to identify and reduce hazardous chemicals in your home brochure (PDF).

Reduce the toxicity of the cleaners you use by making your own from simple, less-toxic ingredients. Get ideas in the Green cleaning recipes brochure (PDF).

Household hazardous waste

For information about products to never mix together, and proper storage and transportation of cleaners, see guidelines for household hazardous waste.

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