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Go low-waste at this year’s Super Bowl celebration

If you missed your chance to get tickets to this year’s biggest zero-waste event—Super Bowl LII—no problem. We have the tips you need to host a zero waste Super Bowl party of your own.

Skip the football-themed decorations

Sure, you could reuse them at game time year after year, but a regular bowl used year-round will hold that party dip just as well as a football shaped bowl, while saving you money and storage space. Same goes for the football field table cloth and Super Bowl commemorative bottle cozies and ice buckets.

Buy your beer and cider in bulk

With so many microbrewery options in the Twin Cities, it’s easy to not only purchase your beer and cider in growlers or kegs, but it’s all local as well! If beer and cider aren’t your thing, try one of the local distilleries for vodka, gin or whiskey. If alcohol won’t be a part of your celebration, look for your favorite sodas and juices in larger containers instead of single serve containers. Fill a pitcher with tap water and ice instead of buying bottled water.

Use durable serving ware

Pull out the real plates, utensils and napkins and treat your guests in style. While the Super Bowl LII disposable party supplies may be tempting —it’s our home state hosting after all—they create a lot of trash. And really, have you ever heard someone say, “No really, I prefer the plastic utensils”? If you don’t have enough plates, bowls, napkins and utensils, borrow some from a family member, neighbor or friend. Or, if you host a lot of gatherings, pick up an extra set at your local thrift store.

Minimize wasted food

Get an accurate count of your guests ahead of time and prepare just enough food for those attending. If you have food left over, pack it up for guests to take with them or freeze some of it to eat later.

Collect recyclables and compostable material

Make sure your recycling, trash and organics containers are located together and well labeled to help guests get the right material into the correct container. If guests don’t compost, explain what is compostable and what isn’t. If you don’t have access to organics recycling but want to collect it, try one of the many drop off options in Minneapolis and at our Hennepin County Brooklyn Park drop-off facility.

For more information about low waste events and Hennepin County resources, visit