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Summer sports spectators

Time to play ball and have great summer fun! Here are some quick tips to help you reduce waste while at the ballpark or field:

  • Pack plenty of refillable water bottles in your cooler for everyone. The kids prefer these twist-free bottles for a quick drink, and you reduce the amount of single-use plastic you are using. Need to restock on your bottles? Head to a local thrift store to look for bargain bottles.
  • Your turn to bring snacks for the team? Why not bring a healthy snack like fruits that don’t need to be packaged—an apple, orange or slice of watermelon is the perfect treat after a hard game. If you’re bringing the team drinks, bring a water cooler to refill their water bottles. If you compost, you can bring all of the food scraps back home to your bin.
  • Don’t forget about you! Stopping at the coffee shop on the way to the game? Bring in your refillable mug—you might even get a discount! You can also bring a thermos or water jug to the game so you never run out of your favorite beverage.
  • Pack your snacks like you’re going on a picnic—choose reusable containers, flatware, plates and cloth napkins. Keep your supplies handy so it’s quick and easy to get ready for the next game.

Be sure to help keep the ball field clean as well. Placing your waste in the proper container goes a long way to keep the parks clean. Picking up litter around the field as a team when the game is done is a great way to serve your community and make it a better place.

Go team!