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Getting geared up for less

Another season means another sport and more gear to buy. A good way to keep up with all of the gear is to think reuse first, and there are plenty of options when it comes to buying, repairing, and selling sports gear.

You can find used kids sporting goods for sale that have only been used a season or two. And the best part is the price – you can purchase used sports gear for a fraction of the cost for new gear.

Here are some tips when looking for used gear:

  • Ask parents of kids already in that sport. Many have gear they are willing to sell or give away.
  • Check your local sporting goods store. There are many stores that buy, sell, or trade used sporting goods. Thrift stores also often carry sporting goods.
  • Look online. You can find used gear in many outlets, including online garage sales on Facebook, classifieds on Nextdoor, and postings on Craigslist.
  • Shop garage sales. Check out sales in your community or larger sales for charity fundraisers in your area.

Have gear that simply needs to be fixed? Ask a local sporting goods retailer for repair options. Many stores have repair shops in the back of their store or know of a local person or business that will fix things for you. You can find one near you on the Choose to Reuse website.

Have gear to get rid of? You can make money selling gear to help purchase the next round of sports gear. Here are some ideas for selling your gear:

  • Advertise the gear you have for sale where your kids participate in their sports, such as your local athletic association or in your dance studio.
  • Ask your local sporting goods stores if they buy back used goods for credit or cash.
  • Donate your items to a local charity. Check their acceptance guidelines first before donating sporting goods.
  • Place an ad online. Consider posting on social media or any number of classified ad websites such as Letgo
  • Find places to sell your used sporting goods on the Choose to Reuse website.