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Reusable baggies

If there is one item you go through in years of working, or that parents go through a lot of when their children are in school—it’s the infamous sandwich baggie. Here are some tips to reduce using throw-away plastic bags from your shopping list!

Buying reusable baggies: There are many manufacturers out there, simply checking Amazon will make your head spin. Think of these things when deciding which reusable baggies you are going to buy:

  • What material they are made of—is it food safe?
  • How you need to wash the baggie—dishwasher or hand wash, and is that practical for you?
  • Is the baggie waterproof?
  • Size of the baggie—is it practical for what you need it for? (Usually you can fit a snack in a much smaller baggie than your sandwich.)
  • Do you get a variety of sizes in one order?

Making reusable baggies: If you make your own baggies, be sure to check for the food safety of the fabric you are using to create the baggie. There is a plethora of ideas for DIY reusable sandwich bags on Pinterest and web searches. Here are some we’d like to highlight to show you the variety of ideas out there!

Once you’ve made or purchased the baggies, you’ll just need to get you or your family in the habit of keeping the baggies in their lunch bag to be used again.

And look - you can even make your own reusable paper towels!