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Preparing donations for pick-up at home

Donating usable goods to local charities is a great reuse option. Many charities make it super convenient by offering pick-up service right at your home.

Follow these steps to make sure your goods are ready for pick up.

  • Review the charity’s guidelines for what they accept before gathering your items for donation. Charities are not required to pick up everything you set out, and many times, those items are not accepted due to federal safety standards.
  • Follow the charity’s guidelines for where donations need to be placed outside and what time of day they need to be set out. Some organizations will pick up from your front porch while others require items to be placed at your curb.
  • Place your items in a box or bag and mark the box or bag with the charity’s initials. Be sure to wrap fragile items in tissue or newspaper.
  • Charities will collect rain or shine. Please be conscious of the weather conditions and package your items appropriately. Many charities will not take wet items due to the damage rain can cause. Be sure to double-bag items in wet weather conditions. If the charity will pick up from your doorstep, then place items under overhangs or on porches to keep them items as dry as possible.
  • Some charities charge a fee for picking up items. Fees may be higher if they need to enter your home. Be sure you know the cost of the pickup before you schedule an appointment with them.


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