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Plan your holiday wardrobe the reuse way

These special occasions are a great time to shop used when looking for the dress you’ll only wear once, or the suit that is only needed for family photos. There are many terrific ways to get a stunning wardrobe without stunning your pocketbook! You will also reduce the environmental impact of the clothing industry.

Here are some ideas to get started:

  • Consignment shops. These stores are an excellent place to find designer fashion for a fraction of the cost to buy new. Everything from tuxedos and formal gowns to holiday dresses and ties. Consignment shops also carry all of the accessories you need to go with your outfit: jewelry, shoes, shawls, and purses.
  • Thrift shops. Thrift shops can have a wide variety of formalwear to more casual clothing to go with any occasion. If you’re looking for variety at a bargain price, thrift shop shopping is the way to go. You can even pick up decorations and other accessories if you’re the party host.
  • Online garage sales. These types of garage sales are popping up all over the place from eBay to Craigslist, NextDoor, OfferUp, and Facebook Marketplace. These can be a little more tricky to make sure you get the quality and proper fit, but you can certainly get a steal of a deal from shopping on the web!
  • Rental shops. Don’t forget the age-old way of looking great by renting your formal attire for your fancier parties. Shops can furnish you with everything from the shoes to the clothes and accessories. Just shop around early to ensure they still have your size and style available to rent on the day needed.

No matter which reuse option you try, you are bound to look great and save money and resources at the same time.