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Hold the mail

Every year each person gets an estimated 26 pounds worth of third class mail, with an average household receiving up to 70 pounds! Looking to shed a few pounds of paper? We’ve got some tips for you!

Control your exposure

The best way to keep your name off of mailing lists is to control your exposure. Most importantly, to keep your name off lists long term, think about how often you give out your contact information and to whom. Consistently add a privacy statement to anything you put your name on asking not to be added to their mailing list. You can also request that your name not be sold or shared with other organizations.

Contact companies directly

Not all companies use national systems to purge their mailing lists. Here are some tip for when to contact them directly:

  • Be prepared. Have the mailing label or catalog handy. Many times they will ask for how your name and address appear on the mailing or they are looking for a customer number from that information.
  • Be polite. Most mailers will make an effort to comply with your request. If you don’t get results, you can consider firmer language or contacting company management.
  • Be patient. It may take some time to get your name and address out of their mailing cycle.
  • Be persistent. Keep trying. Drive home the message that your privacy is an important part of customer service. You do have the right to be left alone.

National mailer contacts

See our “Hold the Mail” brochure for contact information for national mailers, mail list brokers, catalog mailers and more here.