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Lawn and garden equipment rental

As spring is upon us and we are starting to plan our work in our yards for the coming year, save the environment and some money by repairing, renting or borrowing lawn and garden equipment!

  • Repair your existing equipment. You can do this several ways – YouTube videos, Hennepin County Fix-It Clinics, and at local repair shops and hardware stores.
  • Borrow from a friend or neighbor (they usually are happy to help in ways other than a cup of sugar)!
  • Become a member of the Minnesota Tool Library where, with membership, you can check out a wide variety of tools and equipment throughout the year.
  • Rent equipment from equipment rental companies or your local hardware store.

No need to clutter your garage or shed with tools and equipment you only need on occasion! Be sure to check out the Choose to Reuse web site to find rental and repair places in your neighborhood.