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Donating puzzles and games

There comes a time when the kids grow up, our tastes change, or we want to downsize. When you’re going to get rid of a puzzle or a game, take a few minutes to prepare it so it can be used again by someone else.

Preparation for reuse:

  • Be sure all of the pieces and instructions are included.
  • Put game and puzzle pieces in a bag inside the box. This helps make sure pieces don’t go missing when their being handled.
  • Be sure to tape the box shut to keep things inside. 
  • If you are missing the instructions, search online to see if you can print them off. Makes them easier to sell if someone knows how to play it.

Is your puzzle or game missing a piece?

  • Check with the manufacturer. If you can identify the missing piece or part, they might be able to send you a replacement at little to no cost. Who knows, you might want to keep it then!
  • If you’re feeling crafty, check Pinterest for all sorts of craft ideas! If you aren’t in need of them for crafts, check with a pre-school or elementary school teacher or art teacher.
  • If you do donate a game or puzzle with missing pieces, please mark on the outside of the box that pieces are missing.
  • Sell the remaining pieces on places like eBay, Craigslist or Etsy.

Thrift stores, children’s stores and even sometimes music and used book stores take puzzles and games for resale. Be sure to check the acceptable items list of any charitable organization or used goods store before heading out to their location. You can also sell your games and puzzles yourself at your garage sale, sell them online, or simply give them away to family and friends.