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Costumes: Think unique and choose to reuse

As the Halloween season approaches, be sure to think outside the box when it comes to creating and finding your costume! There is so much more out there besides the traditional ready-made costumer from the party store. Most store-bought costumes are not meant to last and end up in the trash.

You can find unique and creative costumes from all sorts of places that reduce waste. Keep Halloween fun and out of the landfill with some of the tips below.

Thrift shops

Not only do thrift shops get in someone’s costume from the previous Halloween, but they also get a ton of items--uniforms, hats, dance recital outfits, jewelry, shoes and formal wear—which can make an incredible costume. 

Vintage and occasional shops

These retro and funky stores can come up with some incredible finds of clothing worn decades ago. Perfect fit for a costume party. There are many local vintage and occasional shops, including Urban Cottage and Rewind Vintage.

Costume Shops

You can rent costumes – some even from previous Minneapolis theatre productions! Norcostco is a local place where you can rent costumes.

Costume exchange

Set up a costume exchange with school, book clubs, neighborhood or babysitting groups. The costume that fit your five year old last year is perfect for that younger friend.

Makeup gone ghoul

Use up your old makeup for ghoulish Halloween faces or check out the Sierra magazine for natural makeup ideas.

Shop your own closet

Don’t’ forget to shop your own closet for costume ideas. Get creative with repurposing that outfit you don’t wear anymore.