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Before You Sell

Check for tears, stains, missing parts, etc. that you may need to inform a potential buyer about the item. You can search online to get an idea of the value of your item, to look for appraisal services, to replace an instruction manual. It is also important to check the web site to make sure your product has not been recalled.

Before You Buy

Buying used is a great way to get an item that still has useful life in it. Check the condition of the item for completeness, is it in working order, clean, free of tears and stains, and make sure it fits your needs. Most individuals and businesses have final sales when selling used products, so be sure to check with any sale terms and conditions before purchase.

Before You Repair

Repair is a wonderful option when you still need or want an item. There are many opportunities to repair, alter or fix an item. Check web sites and online videos for replacement parts, instruction guides and repair tips. Our local Hennepin County Fix It Clinics offer free repair and advice on how to repair common household items.

Before You Rent

Renting works great for items you only need once and a while or items that are too expensive to purchase, plus it saves space in your home and garage. Check rental agreements for terms and conditions. Some businesses will even offer rent to buy to try out your product before final purchase.

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