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Programs and service areas

Our goal is to protect your rights and provide the best representation possible. Take a look at the variety of services we offer. If you have questions, contact us.

Civil commitment

We provide legal advice and representation for individuals subject to civil commitment proceedings. We can:

  • Advocate for you at every stage of the civil commitment proceeding
  • Represent you in proceedings about the administration of certain medications
  • Advocate for discharge from or a change to your civil commitment
  • Provide representation post-trial and/or at recommitment hearings
  • Connect you with supportive legal services

Family court 

We provide legal advice and representation for individuals who are ordered to pay child support. We can:

  • Review your circumstances to determine if you are eligible to lower your child support payment
  • Give advice on how to address child support arrears (i.e. amounts that are overdue and unpaid)
  • Represent parents facing contempt and possible jail time for non-payment of child support
  • Represent parents in paternity matters up to the point of adjudication of paternity
  • Connect you with other supportive legal and community services


We provide legal advice and help you make the changes you want if you are under guardianship in Hennepin County. We can:

  • Identify ways to avoid guardianship through supported decision making
  • Bring an action in court to change your guardian
  • Ask the court to limit your guardian’s ability to make decisions for you
  • Petition to terminate your guardianship when you feel you no longer need it

Health Equity Legal Project (HELP)

The Health Equity Legal Project provides free legal representation to expecting parents and parents with at least one child under 5 years old in the home, who are experiencing hardships that put them at risk for child protection involvement.

Clients receive services from an interdisciplinary team, including:

  • Peer support from parent mentors with lived experience
  • Resource and system navigation
  • Referrals to community-based partner organizations
  • Family-centered legal services related to child protection, housing, immigration, paternity, and more

Interested in the HELP program?

Complete the HELP referral form (PDF) and email it to

Housing court 

We provide legal advice and representation for tenants facing evictions. We can:

  • Advocate and negotiate for you with landlords and the courts to ensure your rights are protected
  • Provide legal advice before and during housing court proceedings and represent you in court
  • Help prevent evictions and have an eviction removed from your record
  • Connect you with financial assistance and services to help you achieve stable housing

Already have a housing court date?

Complete the Housing Court Representation Eligibility screening to see if you are eligible for free representation.


We provide legal advice and representation to noncitizens. We can:

  • Provide advice and answer immigration-related questions
  • Help determine if you are eligible to obtain or improve your immigration status
  • Represent you on applications for immigration benefits, such as citizenship, work authorization, and more
  • Refer you to other legal services as needed

Parent representation

We provide legal advice and representation to parents and guardians who are involved with child protection. We can:

  • Provide legal advice before and during court involvement
  • Represent you in child protection court to help you reach your goals
  • Connect you with services and supports to help your family achieve stability
  • Advocate for you with child protection and the courts to ensure your rights are protected