Electronic home monitoring

Hennepin County’s electronic home monitoring program is a community-based alternative sanction used by the courts in lieu of incarceration for low-risk offenders. On any given day, about 350 offenders are monitored electronically in Hennepin County.

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How are residents monitored?

Residents are monitored electronically 24 hours a day, seven days a week through the use of:

  • Proximity monitoring equipment to ensure the location of residents
  • Transdermal alcohol monitoring devices (ankle bracelets) to continuously monitor and measure alcohol consumption by reading perspiration or vapors emitted through the skin
  • Remote breathalyzer monitoring equipment, which measures blood alcohol content from breath samples

Program requirements

Program participants must have a verifiable address and be able to stay at that residence.

Program participants are required to have either:

  • Internet access and a modem, or
  • A non-cell telephone that does not have the following features*:
    • Call waiting/call forwarding/three-way calling
    • Voicemail/answering machines/computer connections
    • Blocked calls/call ID

* Residents using a land line phone connection should contact their telephone service provider at least one week prior to report date to ensure features are removed. Placement will be delayed and residents will be housed in the Adult Corrections Facility until phone features are removed.

Admissions process


Adult offenders ordered to serve a sentence on electronic home monitoring must report to the Community Offender Management (COM) building located at 3000 2nd Street North, Minneapolis on the date and time specified by the court. Only the sentencing judge may change report date.


When you report to Community Offender Management, you must bring:

  • Identification (i.e., driver's license or state issued ID)
  • A copy of the commitment issued by the court


  • A $35 booking fee will be charged
  • Residents on electronic home monitoring with work release as a sentencing component will be charged $20 per day
  • Residents can request a fee waiver due to financial hardship
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