Property tax payment options

Property Taxes are due on May 15 and October 15. If that date falls on a weekend or holiday, taxes are due on the next business day. Use the Property tax penalty rate schedule link in the Related pages area.

Make it easy on yourself and pay current or prior year tax payments online! It's much more convenient with our automated online e-check, direct debit, credit or debit card services. We still offer conventional payment methods, too.

Change taxpayer information

To change or correct taxpayer name or mailing address, complete and submit the change taxpayer information form.

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Conventional payment methods

  • Escrow — property taxes may be included as part of your mortgage payment. We send payment information to your mortgage company or lending institution and a copy to you. Contact your mortgage company or lending institution with questions about escrow.
  • In person — pay with cash or check at any Hennepin County Service Center or on the sixth floor of the Hennepin County Government Center.
  • Mail — payment must be postmarked on or before due date, otherwise penalties will apply. Make your checks payable to the Hennepin County Treasurer and mail to:

Hennepin County Treasurer
A-600 Government Center
300 S 6th Street
Minneapolis MN 55487-0060

Previous year tax information

Types of information

You can request generic (most commonly used for records purposes and for filing taxes) or specific payment data.

How to request and pay

Option 1

In person at the Property tax information office listed on the top right. Complete and bring the previous year tax information form (PDF) along with payment of cash or check made payable to Hennepin County Treasurer.

Option 2

By mail - mail the following:

Additional information

  • In person requests for more than five years ago could take more than 30 minutes to generate.
  • Mail requests are generally filled within a few days.
  • We do not provide copies of the checks to anyone other than the person who issued the payment.
  • This information is not currently available online.


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