Veterans' service

Hennepin County veterans' service helps veterans and their families obtain the benefits and services they have earned.

Our office helps veterans access U.S. Department of Veterans' Affairs health care benefits and file claims for VA compensation, VA pension, as well as for veterans' benefits through the state of Minnesota.

We can also help veterans obtain military discharges and to file for other veterans' benefits.

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Benefits for veterans

Hennepin County veterans’ service staff helps veterans.

U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs programs

We can help you and your family:

  • Enroll veterans in health care programs
  • Obtain health care and prescriptions
  • Obtain behavioral health services
  • Obtain chemical dependency treatment
  • Apply for federal benefits
  • File claims for compensation (service-connected)
  • File claims for pension 
  • Obtain long-term care benefits
  • Obtain home loan guarantees
  • Apply for burial benefits 
  • Apply for vocational rehabilitation
  • Appeal the denial of VA claims

State benefits

We will work with you to:

  • Apply for state veterans dental and optical benefits
  • Apply for state veterans special needs benefits
  • Apply for state veterans soldiers and sailors assistance
  • Assist veterans and spouses apply for the Minnesota Veterans Homes

Other benefits and services

We work in our community to help veterans:

  • By participating in the demobilization/reintegration of troops returning from Iraq and Afghanistan 
  • Assist veterans participating in the Hennepin County veterans court
  • By providing service at the Hennepin County Adult Correction Facility
  • Obtain HUD/VASH housing vouchers
  • Apply for housing in the Minneapolis Veterans and Community Housing development
  • Obtain copies of military discharges
  • By providing service to homeless veterans
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