Mental health emergencies

When a loved one is in the midst of a mental health crisis, Hennepin County can help. 

If any person is in immediate physical danger, call 911 immediately.

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24-7 Crisis help for adults

Adult crisis

To reach our mobile team, call 612-596-1223.

Community Outreach for Psychiatric Emergencies (COPE) is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Call us when a severe disturbance of mood or thinking threatens a person's safety or the safety of others.

COPE professionals are available to handle the immediate crisis on-site and provide a clinical assessment.

If needed, we will arrange an emergency evaluation for inpatient psychiatric services. This service is available to all adults in Hennepin County.

Telephone consultations are also available.

24-7 crisis help for children

Child crisis

To reach our mobile team, call 612-348-2233.

We provide support when a child 17 years old and younger is in crisis.

We will go where the child is located, to provide a risk assessment, to help to deescalate the crisis, to develop a plan to keep your child safe at home, and to offer resources and referrals.

Telephone consultation and stabilization services are also available.

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