Pay property taxes

Property taxes are due on May 15 and October 15. If that date falls on a weekend or holiday, taxes are due on the next business day. Use the Property tax penalty rate schedule link in the Related pages area.

Make it easy on yourself and pay current or prior year tax payments online! It's much more convenient with our automated online e-check, direct debit, credit or debit card services. We still offer conventional payment methods, too.

Change taxpayer information

To change or correct taxpayer name or mailing address, complete and submit the change taxpayer information form.

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Online payment methods

We offer three ways to pay your property taxes online.


This is a no cost, fully automated electronic payment system allowing you to pay taxes over the Internet.

Using our secure e-check saves postage and mailing hassles. It's a one-time payment of taxes directly from your checking or savings account.

Direct debit

This allows you to sign up to have your property tax payments automatically withdrawn twice a year from your checking or savings account on a recurring basis. We do not offer quarterly or monthly withdrawals.

This method of payment is not currently available for manufactured home properties or personal property.

Enrollment (new or change) information

Enrollment forms (new or for a change) should be submitted between May 21 and September 30 or October 21 and April 30. Applications are not accepted between May 1 - 20 and October 1 – 20.

You will need the following information to complete your enrollment form:

  • The 13-digit property ID number - found on your property tax statement or our property information search
  • Your savings or checking account information (account and routing/transit number)

To enroll or change your direct debit information:

  1. Complete the enrollment form (PDF).
  2. Sign the form and mail it to the address listed on the form.

By submitting the signed form you agree to the terms and conditions printed on the form, including:

  • Payments are normally withdrawn on May 15 and October 15. If these dates fall on a weekend, payment will be debited from your account within the next three business days.
  • Your bank statement will be your record of payment.
  • Participation remains in effect unless we receive a written request to cancel.
  • Hennepin County reserves the right to terminate the direct payment status if the parcel reflects a property combination or division, tax adjustment, tax court petition in process, or if any attempt to debit your account is rejected by your financial institution.

To cancel

Send written cancellation at least three weeks prior to tax due date (to avoid payment being withdrawn) to:

Hennepin County Taxpayer Services
Attn: Program Enrollment
A-600 Government Center
300 S 6th Street
Minneapolis, MN 55487-0060

Credit or debit card

Property taxes may be paid with Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover credit cards or with Visa or MasterCard debit cards through Paymentus Corporation.

There are fees associated with using credit or debit cards.

  • Use Paymentus or their automated phone system at 1-877-626-0017 to make a payment.

Frequently asked questions

Q. Why does Hennepin County charge a fee for credit card transactions?
A. The fees are charged by the company we use to handle credit card transactions. Hennepin County does not charge a fee nor does it receive any of the fee amounts charged to you.

Q. Why doesn't Hennepin County handle their own credit card transactions and eliminate the fee?
A. Minnesota Statute allows the counties to accept credit cards for payment of real-estate taxes but specifies that any fees charged by the credit card companies must be passed on to the taxpayer and not paid by the county.

Q. I don't have to pay a fee when I use my credit card anywhere else. Why do I have to now?
A. There is always a fee charged by the credit card company, for the "loaning" of the money for 30 days. In private industry the merchant pays the fee but is able to recover the cost by increasing the price of their products.

Q. If Hennepin County doesn't receive the fee amounts, who does?
A. The fee that is paid is divided between the credit card company and the third party (Paymentus in this instance). The county only gets the property tax payment. We receive none of the convenience fee.

Q. Then why offer this service?
A. This is a service that taxpayers have requested for several years. Since we are prohibited from paying the fee, the only way we can offer credit cards as a payment option is to go through a third party.

Q. Are there any other payment options I can use that don't charge a fee?
A. There are no fees associated with our other payment options.

Conventional payment methods

Bill pay

Your taxes are considered paid on the date we receive payment, regardless of the date you request payment from your bank. It may take up to seven (7) to ten (10) days for us to receive it once your bank issues a check. Any payment received after the due date is considered late and penalty will be added. Check with your bank to understand their policies on bill pay.


Property taxes may be included as part of your mortgage payment. We send payment information to your mortgage company or lending institution and a copy to you. Contact your mortgage company or lending institution with questions about escrow.

In person

Pay with cash or check

  • Current year payments — pay at the Real Estate Service counter on the skyway level of the Hennepin County Government Center (view map), at any Hennepin County Service Center or on the sixth floor of the Hennepin County Government Center (view map).
  • Any payment — pay on the sixth floor of the Hennepin County Government Center. View map


Payment must be postmarked on or before due date, otherwise penalties will apply. Specify if the amount is for current or delinquent taxes due. Include the property identification (PID) number for the property you are paying taxes for.

Make your checks payable to the Hennepin County Treasurer and mail to:

Hennepin County Treasurer
A-600 Government Center
300 S 6th Street
Minneapolis MN 55487-0060

Previous year tax information

Types of information

You can request generic (most commonly used for records purposes and for filing taxes) or specific payment data.

How to request and pay

Option 1

In person at the Property tax information office listed on the top right. Complete and bring the previous year tax information form (PDF) along with payment of cash or check made payable to Hennepin County Treasurer.

Option 2

By mail - mail the following:

Additional information

  • In person requests for more than five years ago could take more than 30 minutes to generate.
  • Mail requests are generally filled within a few days.
  • We do not provide copies of the checks to anyone other than the person who issued the payment.
  • This information is not currently available online.
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