Geographic information systems

The public has access to the county’s interactive mapping applications and spatial datasets, provided by the GIS office.

For more information, visit the maps and apps portal, or explore the resources below.

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Hennepin County has expanded access to its collection of public geographic information systems data, which is used by the public and businesses for a variety of needs. Read more.

Interactive maps

  • Property – land survey documents and information on taxable property
  • Parks – amenity information for nearly 1,000 parks within the county
  • Natural resources – land and water information related to property within the county
  • Locate and notify – address location, buffering, mailing lists and labels
  • Transportation – major transportation maintenance activities and construction projects for 2020
  • Election results – reporting information including voter turnout data
  • 2015 birth reporting – yearly birth data organized with statistics and interactive maps
  • 2014 SHAPE survey – map displaying summary of health survey conducted every four years
  • ADA transition plan – data associated with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
  • Beaches – status (open/closed) of beaches monitored by Hennepin County (May – September)
  • Cool options to escape the heat – this application is being restructured and a new version will be available late May
  • Bikeways – Hennepin County planned and existing bikeway system
  • River watch – environmental education program for youth in Hennepin County
  • Traffic and turning counts
  • Wetland health evaluation program – citizen volunteer wetland monitoring program


  • Hennepin Waypoint – find food, legal assistance, shelter, and other resources for those in need
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