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Help for addicted moms: Project CHILD

Offering hope for a healthier start

Hennepin County’s Project CHILD program works to help mothers make a better future for themselves and their children by helping them to get off drugs and alcohol and into a healthier lifestyle. The program is for women who are using drugs or alcohol before their 34th week of pregnancy.

Services include chemical health assessments and treatment services, as well as education, support, one-to-one counseling, referrals for help in the community, assistance with basic needs and parenting education.

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The Project CHILD program has been helping women make a healthier start with their babies since 1990.

Consistently, since that time, most participants who complete the program go on to give birth to babies who are healthy and chemical-free. Most of the mothers also are able to care for their babies after birth. Some are referred to child protection for monitoring, but even if the child is removed at birth, they may be able to be reunified with their children later.

2017 successes

  • 98 percent of the mothers who completed Project CHILD gave birth to chemical-free babies
  • 96 percent of mothers who completed the program in were able to keep their babies

The big picture

  • 1,530 pregnant women participated in Project CHILD programming from 2007 to 2017
  • 93 percent of the mothers who completed the program from 2010 to 2017 delivered chemical-free babies

Looking forward

100 percent of the mothers who completed Project CHILD in the second quarter of 2018 delivered chemical-free babies


In 2015, the Project CHILD program was recognized with a Minnesota Department of Human Services Circle of Excellence Award for collaboration with other providers in the community.

Health care and social services professionals, educators, child care workers and others may be required to report concerns about chemical abuse by a pregnant woman.

Project CHILD accepts referrals by phone at 612-879-3609, or by fax at 612-321-3771. To make a report involving a woman whose pregnancy is beyond 34 weeks, call 612-348-3552.

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