Initiatives for housing and homelessness

If you need housing assistance call 2-1-1.

Funding opportunities can be found through Contracts in Human Services and Public Health. Find contracts.

The county attacks the problem of homelessness through immediate placement services, homelessness prevention programs, and housing development.

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Hennepin Housing First Partnership

The Hennepin Housing First Partnership emphasizes:

  • Immediate placement into housing with resident choice maximized
  • Residents as lease-holding tenants - housing is not a condition based on participation in services or program compliance (sobriety, medication, etc.)
  • Units that are integrated into mainstream rental housing
  • Service providers working as intermediaries between landlords and residents – readily available to both parties
  • Service providers following residents through interruptions in housing (hospitalization, eviction, incarceration, etc.)

The partnership is a collaboration between Hennepin County, the State of Minnesota, housing service providers, community landlords, and partners in the business and faith communities.

Homeless prevention assistance and rapid rehousing

Homeless Prevention provides short-term financial help or legal assistance to keep people in their existing housing. It focuses on helping people who normally can afford their own housing but are at risk of losing it because of an unforeseen financial crisis.

Rapid Exit quickly and efficiently assesses specific housing barriers for individuals and immediately refers them to services that address those barriers. This helps get people out of shelters and into stable housing as rapidly as possible.

Continuum of care

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development McKinney-Vento Continuum of Care Program provides resources for the development of supportive and transitional housing for homeless single adults, families and unaccompanied youth. Funding is used for the acquisition, construction, and rehabilitation of housing, as well as leasing and rental assistance, and support services.

Continuum of care information - Partnering to end homelessness

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