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Health care reform

Hennepin County is a nationally-recognized leader in efforts to change the health care system to improve the well-being of our residents and to better manage public resources.

By coordinating patient-centered and holistic health care, human services and education, the county is working to prevent and alleviate chronic illnesses and create an expectation of health and prosperity for all.

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Better Together Hennepin

Adult mentors provide comprehensive sexuality education, life skills and community service opportunities to encourage teens to postpone parenthood until they are adults. Learn more about Better Together Hennepin.

Criminal Justice Behavioral Health Initiative

This program provides access to coordinated behavioral health care for people in Hennepin County corrections facilities. The goal is to improve health and prevent recidivism.


An interdisciplinary team provides coordinated case management, housing and chemical dependency treatment for adults struggling with severe and chronic substance addictions.

Early childhood screening

Hennepin County data suggests that many of our clients receiving high-cost medical and behavioral health interventions have come to the county for services from the time they were born. Early childhood screeners from the Hennepin County Public Health Department provide developmental screening to children, from birth to age 3, at many county locations where adults already go for services. Learn more about early childhood screening.

Heading Home Hennepin

Hennepin County and the City of Minneapolis are implementing this ten-year plan to end homelessness. The plan brings together more than 120 local non-profit organizations, businesses, alliances and concerned citizens. Learn more about Heading Home Hennepin.

Project Child

Caring professionals provide treatment referrals and support for pregnant women who are addicted to drugs and alcohol to help them deliver healthy, drug-free babies and become better parents. Learn more about Project Child.

Vocational Services Program

Vocational Services Program (VSP) helps people who have mental health or chemical health problems find and keep jobs in the community. VSP stays connected and provides ongoing support to help the person adjust to working, learn job retention skills, and advance in their career.

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