Assessment and taxes project

The assessment and taxes project is replacing current legacy systems (PINS and CAMA) and many ancillary systems that support the county’s assessment and property tax processes. We will use Vision Government Solutions Computer Assisted Mass Appraisal (CAMA) software in the county’s Assessor’s Office and Xerox’s Land Records Management Software (LRMS) for assessment administration, property tax billing and collections.

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Why this is happening

Our current processes and systems are inadequate to meet the needs of our customers. We have a legislated and funded mandate to automate and integrate land and tax information. More flexible technology exists to meet the demands for information and services in an integrated manner.

Maximize operational efficiencies

  • Integrated operations will provide transparent service across numerous internal departments and external entities.
  • Integration with the county’s existing systems, such as RecordEASE, will provide single entry of deed information to complete the County Recorder Indexes and/or the Registrar of Titles Index.
  • Seamless data integration with the municipal assessment districts and a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) will offer ease and agility to sharing data and services with outside (or inside) agencies.

Replace aging technology infrastructure

  • Vision CAMA with Xerox Land Records Management System (LRMS) will provide strong and best practice appraisal and tax management methods/tools that are used by organizations with 50,000 up to nearly two million parcels.
  • Vision and Xerox systems provide open data architecture and service-oriented architecture provides easy and standard methods to share data and information across multiple agencies.
  • Vision CAMA and Xerox LRMS were built specifically to support an ESRI GIS environment that provides complete integration with GIS within any area of the system.
  • The integrated workflow provided allows for process and task assignments to be shared and moved through the system in a way that property tax and CAMA environments operate, improving efficiency and effectiveness in property taxation and revenue management strategies.

Who is affected

  • Assessors for Hennepin County and cities within Hennepin County
  • Taxing districts within Hennepin County (cities, schools, watersheds, and other regional government agencies)
  • Commercial parties interested in Hennepin County real estate, including law offices, license services, surveyors, title and title insurance companies
  • Owners of properties in Hennepin County (property taxpayers)
  • Hennepin County constituents
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