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More options to connect with Human Services programs

The most important benefit is time.

Most of the time, people who receive Human Services from Hennepin County can get connected to vital supports, and apply for and renew benefits without visiting a county building.

Digital tools we developed with our public- and private-sector partners allow people to interact and transact with us on their schedules and from their locations. Using these tools, they can complete forms, upload documents, talk with caseworkers and more, just about anytime, and from wherever they happen to be.

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We will rely on our partners to help us transition residents to a different way of thinking about Human Services.

Residents will have a new spectrum of options for how to interact and transact with us, ranging from fully virtual to fully in-person. Their choice will depend on their preference and the type of services they receive.

Human Services

View a complete list of all human services offered by the county.

Economic supports

Residents can navigate to to find links to apply for cash, food, health care and child care assistance.

For information or support

Call 612-348-4111, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

We have staff who are ready to answer questions or walk residents through their applications.

Hennepin County Human Services leadership has known for a while that systemic barriers sometimes prevent residents from accessing the vital supports they need to live a better life.

When the start of the COVID-19 pandemic restricted face-to-face interaction, we had to quickly implement tools we had just started to use. Over the subsequent year and a half, we continued to refine those tools, and work with our partners in government and the community to develop more applications and processes that will improve service for residents.

Flexibility, individualized help for residents

The near future will look a lot like the present, in that residents can access most Human Services programs using the internet or the phone. Most of the time, they can enter information and upload documents using personal technology from their own homes. The automation of those routine transactions has created more flexibility for staff to help those who need to be walked through the process. This shift offers benefits to residents that we haven’t been able to offer before:

  • Freedom from the burden of arranging transportation to our office, child care or taking time off from work
  • Flexibility to do business with us on their timeframes, rather than ours
  • Choice among a range of options for how to manage their services
  • Time to spend working, seeking employment or caring for their families

Digital options for residents are evolving with a growing emphasis on enabling the people we serve to easily engage with services online. We encourage residents to use these online tools to apply for benefits, submit supporting documents and renew their eligibility.

Digital access points

We have added technology tools in the community for people who aren't able to access online tools using their own personal devices. Using a digital access point, residents can:

  • Access and complete online applications
  • Scan and print Human Services documents
  • Use a phone to contact a representative
  • Register to vote

Find digital access points.


InfoKeep is a safe and secure website residents can use to upload documents related to their cash, food and health assistance case. They can access InfoKeep anytime, anywhere on their smartphone, tablet or computer


MNBenefits is a new and simple way for residents to apply for food, cash, emergency and child care assistance. The tool now has added features to allow residents to upload and submit documents related to their applications or existing cases.


MNsure continues to be the place for residents to get health care coverage.

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