Workforce entry program (WEP)

Workforce entry program (WEP)

The workforce entry program requires contractors for larger Hennepin County projects to hire graduates of approved job training programs or demonstrate a good faith effort to do so.

The county typically sets a 5 percent WEP goal on a project - meaning 5 percent of total project labor hours must be performed by apprentices who recently graduated from an approved training program.

Contractors hire job training program graduates as apprentices, who gain valuable skill and knowledge working on county projects.

WEP is a Hennepin County workforce entry and career pathways program for the construction industry.

Approved training programs (PDF)

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If you have recently graduated from one of the 26 approved training programs, complete a job-seeker registration through the county's online talent database (to be launched in April 2019).

WEP apprentices must have completed an apprenticeship-training course and cannot have reached journey-level status or been employed as a journey-level worker on a project.

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If you have questions about eligibility or process, contact Felicia Clomon at 612-348-4267 or

Hennepin County’s commitment

WEP provides unemployed and underemployed individuals the means to earn a better living.

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